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  • How well they're protecting you? Are they protecting you?

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IT Buyers Guide


The Upstate South Carolina’s Guide for Non-Profit Organizations & Small Businesses to IT Support and Services

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vCSO - C-Suite Expertise and IT Oversight

Who’s watching your MSP? How do you know what they're doing?

A Chief Security Officer, CSO, can find out if your managed IT services provider (MSP) or "IT team" protects you or do they need help? Your vCSO from Triad Network Security will keep your organization running efficiently and reduce your cyber risk exposure.

CSOs, in fact, do much more than oversee the people whom you entrust with your business’s security.

A CSO can provide your organization with executive leadership that guides you through the growing complexities of legal, regulatory, and insurance compliance.

Because of their position of authority, CSOs can ensure that proper risk management and reporting activities are in place, helping organizations respond proactively to cyber attacks.

They also ensure the development of a business continuity plan that gives your organization the cyber resiliency it needs to quickly recover from an information security event.

Wouldn’t you like to have a Chief Security Officer?

Triad Network Security brings the power, experience, and qualifications of the Chief Security Officer to small and mid-sized businesses via its unique and powerful vCSO program.

You gain the benefits and value of a CSO at a cost that practically every organization can afford.

IT Performance and Security Assessments

We don't want to replace your current MSP.

Still, you need to wonder how well your MSP does their job.

You do performance reviews for every other employee, contractor, and department in your business.... Why do you let your MSP review themselves?

Extortion, Business Email Compromise, ransomware, and other threats are real. Don’t take chances.

Even if you have an MSP and you’re happy with them, do you know what they’re doing and how well they’re protecting your business or nonprofit organization?

IT performance assessments from Triad Network Security supply you with an enterprise-grade, unbiased, third-party, expert review of your IT assets, cybersecurity, and IT service provider.

We’ll meet with you, provide results in plain English, and supply actionable steps that quickly improve the security of your organization.

Get the peace of mind you deserve.

Cyberinsurance Readiness

When cybercrime hits your business or nonprofit, cybersecurity insurance can help cover the expenses.

Insurers hate risk, however, and they've lost a lot of money paying cyber claims. In response, they are raising rates, denying claims, and rejecting new and renewal cyberinsurance applications.

Why is this?

Information security events are  increasing in impact and likelihood, so the cost to businesses and insurers has skyrocketed.

  • Response costs are increasing, because the cost of labor for IT experts, forensics specialists, and legal experts have exploded.
  • Replacement costs for compromised equipment, software, and accounts have increased.
  • Cyber hygiene is not improving. Business owners, executives, and their team members still don’t take reasonable measures, such as changing their passwords.
  • Most businesses don’t have an adequate incident response plan, increasing the time required to recover from a cyber attack.
  • All these factors increase the cost of business interruption.

For these reasons, insurers are imposing stringent requirements for any organization that applies for cyber insurance.

Triad Network Security can help you qualify for new and renewed cyber insurance coverage.

Unlike most managed IT service providers Greenville SC, We prepare you for cyber insurance before you apply, increasing your chance for approval.


Networks have changed. In the past, organizations only had to manage devices and applications within a well-defined perimeter. They could control their organization’s activities using their firewall, routers, and switches. They even had specialized devices to collect system logs for analysis and forensics.

Now, many businesses don’t even have an office.

Triad Network Security can unify, manage, and help secure modern, distributed business networks.

Furthermore, COVID drove hordes of employees into the “work from home” model, which introduced myriad new risks to the typical business’s IT environment.

Triad Network Security can unify your traditional, remote, and hybrid workers. We can seamlessly connect multiple office locations and work-from-home. Best of all, we can do it while supplying centralized management and universal control and accountability.

Regardless of whether you manage your network or have Triad Network Security do the job, you can have confidence that we have minimized your risk through a unified, distributed network perimeter.

5 Big Reasons to Choose TNS to Support Your Computer Network


Our industry certifications and credentials establish our competence and inspire your confidence.


We deliver partnership and presence to our clients. You know us. We know you.


Triad Network Security, LLC delivers enterprise-grade cybersecurity and IT services to small and medium-sized organizations.


We support compliance with Federal Trade Commission FTC Part 314.4, FISMA, SOX, GLBA, CMMC, HIPPA, NIST, DHS, CISA, CERT, ISO, PCI-DSS and other national,international,insurance, and industry cybersecurity standards.


Our custom monthly service plans ensure you get what you need and never overpay.

See what other organizations are saying about us…

We are very fortunate to know and trust them with our needs.

Our association with the Triad team spans many years. They have always provided us with superior customer service. The attention they give the customer is outstanding. Their vast knowledge of the computer and IT business is paramount in the expertise they bring to the table. We are very fortunate to know and trust them with our needs.

Tammy Clark Tammy Clark Liberty Festivals & Events

I recently had the opportunity to work with Bruce and his team. I found Bruce to be intelligent, insightful, and ready to go the extra mile. I highly recommend Triad for your networking needs.

Van Clark Van Clark Clark’s Consulting Connection, LLC

I rely on them for everything!

We have been with the Triad team for many years. They are quick to respond and provide excellent customer service. They always help me with what I need and then ask if there is anything else. They bring IT and computer issues to my attention that I hadn't thought about. I highly recommend them.

Tracey Weegar Liberty Small Business

About Triad Network Security

Triad Network Security provides organizations with cybersecurity assessments, actionable fortification plans, and disaster recovery. It's not IF you get hit, but WHEN. Be prepared!

IT Buyers Guide


The Upstate South Carolina’s Guide for Non-Profit Organizations & Small Businesses to IT Support and Services