Do you manage bugs and cybersecurity the same way?

Executive Summary: Bugs are a threat to every residence. How do you manage that risk? I'm wondering, do you manage the threat of bugs in your home the same way as you manage cybersecurity threats? Continue reading to learn why you should have a proactive strategy for managing both. Also, look for the video on this page to get more information.

Do You Manage Cybersecurity the Same Way You Manage Bugs?

Wherever you live, you have an issue in common with everyone else: Bugs. You could live in a high-end or a low-end residence. It doesn't matter. Bugs are a threat. Even in your workplace, bugs can become a major issue. How do you manage that threat?

Managing the threat of bugs in your home

Real quick, let me mention a few possibilities for dealing with bugs in your home or office.

(1) You could proactively schedule an exterminator to spray your home and perimeter for bugs (or you could periodically do it yourself).

(2) You could wait until you see a bug in your house and *then* either call the exterminator or buy some bug spray.

Finally, (3) you could either ignore the bug or step on it. With this strategy, the bugs will proliferate and you'll see bugs everywhere, every day. You can *ignore* the problem and just live with it.

Most people choose option 1 or 2 for their bug problem, but then they choose option 3 for their cybersecurity problem. Why? I've just illustrated that a minor problem can become disastrous if you ignore it.

Bugs vs Cybersecurity Risk

If you're like many business owners we meet (the same goes for nonprofit directors, church leaders, and charity organizers), you care more about keeping your living space free from bugs than you care about keeping your personal and business information free from cybercriminals and other adverse Information Technology events.

Folks, if you're proactive about bugs in your home or office, but not proactive with your business's Information Security, things need to change.

We're living in a world where things have changed with technology and your digital information.

Attacks are way up, and they are evolving.

Triad Network Security is increasing our standard and level of care for all our clients.

Still, many businesses, especially solopreneurs, micro businesses, nonprofit organizations, churches, and charities, have chosen option 3: Ignore the problem.

What Data Breaches?

Small data breaches, ransomware events, and other malicious cybersecurity events rarely make it to news headlines. After all, they're not as sensational as large companies, such as T-Mobile, which get hacked to the tune of millions or billions of dollars.

In South Carolina, businesses and other organizations must only report cybersecurity events to the State Government if the event involves 1,000 or more customers. For insurance agencies and insurance agents, that number is 500.

So, while SC State Law requires organizations to notifiy every single person affected by a data breach, that information only becomes public knowledge if it's reported to the State, or if one of the victims goes public with the news. That's why you don't hear about the dozens of data breaches, ransomware attacks, insider attacks, and other adverse Information Technology events that occur every day in Greenville SC and across the country.

Disastrous Results

The results of ignoring your organization's legal and moral Information Security obligations are just as disastrous as a decision to ignore the bug infestation of your home.

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