Executive Summary: Have you ever taken a moment to reflect on the many commitments your organization undertakes? Have you considered the magnitude of non-disclosure agreements, vendor agreements, insurance statements, and regulatory obligations that your business deals with daily? Failing to uphold even a single one of these seemingly insignificant commitments can have far-reaching consequences that may be more significant than you realize. Who is ensuring that you and your team consistently fulfill these commitments? Take your business or non-profit organization to a higher level with affordable professional vCSO services from Triad Network Security.

CSOs cost a lot, and they are hard to find. Triad Network Security’s vCSO services give you the professional experience, knowledge, and leadership of a CSO regardless of your size.

vCSO – Virtual Cyber Security Officer Services

Our virtual CSO service provides executive leadership qualities, security program outcomes, and oversight. You gain all the perks of a CSO without the hefty price tag paid by most businesses.

vCSO Greenville SC

What does a Chief Security Officer (CSO) Do?

Chief Security Officers manage Information Security for your business. Normal responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Developing your security program.
  • Establishing incident response protocols and operations.
  • Educating business owners and IT staffers regarding necessary controls and solutions.
  • Threat monitoring.
  • Communication of security status to business owners and executives.

What does a Virtual Chief Security Officer (vCSO) Do?

A vCSO does the same things as a CSO, but on an as-needed basis. Triad Network Security supplies:

  • Threat modeling.
  • Risk management.
  • Penetration testing.
  • System patching.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Security architecture.
  • Data protection.

We take a standards-driven approach to ensure that you have the best security program in place.

Why your organization needs a vCSO

You’re sharing many of the same risks and challenges of large firms, but with fewer resources.

To stay ahead of the fast rising threats and execute best practices in technology, process, personnel, and policies, you want a hard-to-find executive on your team of specialized IT experts. Traditionally, many SMBs and nonprofits can’t afford to add a CSO to their payroll.

What Benefits do you get from our vCSO?

Our talented executives and subject experts provide what you wish to establish at a fraction of the cost, compared with employing such personnel full time.

They make sure that you make the most of your limited resources, steering you away from over-hyped, underperforming offerings.

How will my vCSO serve my organization?

We evaluate your organization’s needs. Based on the information we discover, we develop a roadmap to achieve best practices, help implement your security program, craft metrics that monitor its value, and periodically test everything.

We do everything a full-time CSO would do, without adding to your payroll.

You get a monthly allocation of hours which you can use to work with us to build a strong cybersecurity posture for your Greenville SC business.

Triad Network Security is there for you at the right time

Here are some examples of what you get from South Carolina’s #1 vCSO service:

  • Board briefings.
  • Guidance for your governance team
  • Budget optimization.
  • Staff meeting participation.
  • Response to regulatory requirements and penalties.
  • Cybersecurity product evaluations and recommendations.
  • IT security assessments.
  • Vulnerability remediation.
  • Disaster recovery response.
  • Business continuity planning.

Go further with Triad Network Security

Information Technology isn’t just computers, servers, and printers anymore. IT involves cybersecurity, regulatory & legal compliance, training & awareness. Triad Network has the experience, talent, and technology needed to secure your business or non-profit organization in Greenville SC. We minimize risk and help you develop the resiliency needed to endure a cyber incident.

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Triad Network Security is the premiere PC provider in Greenville, South Carolina. We also serve educational institutions, nonprofits, manufactures, and professional services companies.

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